Social marketing promised powerful results at a low cost. Simply using Facebook for business was a no brainer – over a billion users?! So, you made investments: created content, paid consultants and ad dollars, and relentlessly engaged customers. But, are you getting a good return on this social media investment? It’s as if all of that time, money and hard work is stranded – LOCKED within the network.

Unlock your Social Network


Introducing TidalWave – The KEY to growing your business and turning your social marketing investment into real sales. TidalWave gives you the power to convert your Fans, Followers and Connections into a database using interactive mobile landing pages. Then reach, engage and sell to them.

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Using TidalWave you will be able to:

Social MarketingUNDERSTAND your customer Capture preferences and valid contact info for your Fans, Followers and Connections as they interact with easily customizable mobile and desktop Landing Pages. Make the promise of social marketing real. As customers engage with your Landing Pages, TidalWave builds Customer Profiles for you…like a supercharged mailing list.
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facebook for businessAMPLIFY your message like never beforeUse our desktop and mobile landing pages to engage your customers across multiple channels, not just Facebook for your business. With TidalWave, you decide which messages to amplify, which ones require a referral to redeem. Even push notify on your very own TidalWave Dynamic iOS and Android App.
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facebook for businessSELL your product or service anywhereUsing social media marketing for business has never been easier. With TidalWave you’re not limited to someone else’s website. You can use your entire digital network to sell your products and services. All Landing Pages created through TidalWave can accept payments.
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